Delivering a Platform
for Growth

OpenFiber delivers an industry-leading technology as an open and frictionless platform, with a simple to use system allowing service providers to focus on running and growing their network, instead of managing construction and lease agreements. We build new infrastructure to the most advanced capacity that will be relevant for decades to come.

We aren’t just upgrading copper, we’re installing Fiber from the hub to the home.

Providers can select from a variety of products to create and deliver unique services for their business and residential customers. OpenFiber offers flexibility by allowing shared or dedicated distribution, and the platform enables business analysis of both the network and active customers, providing powerful tools for engagement and growth.

Why OpenFiber?

Workflow Management
  • We build out an independent dark fiber infrastructure so service providers can invest and focus on delivering their own custom products and services to current and new markets
  • Automated process tools move converted leads from drop to install, providing transparency to both customer and service provider for responsive dispatch and service
  • Our standardized, simple, easy-to-use software platform empowers providers to manage their product offerings, streamline customer onboarding, and network monitoring
Network Architecture
  • IPv6 and IPv4 are routed on the same customer connection
  • Our dark fiber network interconnects with major data centers within the SF Bay Area and is in close proximity to both commercial and residential locations
Platform Monitoring
  • We manage a robust monitoring infrastructure that provides end-user customer visibility, highlighting known issues before they arise
  • An interactive dashboard displays customer status and physical and logical network information, enabling live updates about the network and status of attached devices
Network Visualization
  • Our GIS-enabled platform provides construction, customer service,  and field techs with accurate information on active service addresses co-located network equipment
  • Geospatial engineering data is integrated with county and other datasets to provide accurate information about the physical network

The OpenFiber platform enables our service partners insight into the physical network and their customers, providing powerful tools for growth.

Layer 1 Glass

Layer 2 Logical

Layer 3 Routed

Agnostic on technology used to light fiber

No service provider construction required, quick turn-up

Monitoring visibility into performance of circuits

Facilitate management of end-user CPE equipment

Managed DHCP or Static allocations