Speeding up the world.
One city at a time.

OpenFiber has rolled out thousands of miles of fiber in California’s Bay Area region, and soon we’ll be expanding across the US.

Better Broadband? It’s your call.

Our fiber. Your choice.

OpenFiber is an open-access data network served by numerous providers. Pick the carrier that offers you the best deal—and switch any time you want.

Stream big.

The incredible speed of fiber can change the way you watch, play, and live.

Work fast.

With its speed, reliability, and service, fiber can give your business an unfair advantage.

Our network. Your provider.

OpenFiber manages its own fiber optic infrastructure. But with our unique open-access model, multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can provide service over our network, giving you responsive support and competitive pricing.

Why OpenFiber?

Massive Capacity

With fiber’s dedicated capacity, every user can watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at once—with no loss of quality.

Top Speeds

Faster connections means faster data access, allowing you to do more, work more, and chill more in a shorter space of time.


High Reliability

Tired of fluctuating download speeds? Fiber offers virtually unlimited bandwidth that you won’t have to share with anyone!

Speed Test

How fast is your internet?

With OpenFiber you can reach speeds of up to 1GB! Sign up today.

Now you have a better broadband choice.